Marine                       TS Royalist  Commercial shipping has used Fertan
                                    since it first went into production.  One very attractive
                                    user is TS Royalist, a 29 metre brig, built of steel,
                                    operated by the Sea Cadets and maintained to
                                     Lloyds 100A1 LMC.
                                    TS Royalist  The Sea Cadets

                                   Solstice is a hard working trawler based in the IOM.

                   Condor Ferries Ferries, and particularly fast ferries have        
                   particularly hard lives.  Condor
                   Ferries rigorous maintenance
                   regime includes Fertan rust


                                       Hamble Lifeboat For many years Hamble Lifeboat has
                                                   used Fertan rust converter and Ferpox to protect and prolong the life expectancy of its launching equipment and all ferrous items on board the boats.



We supply to many other steel ships,  narrowboats
                                                   Dutch barges and steel yachts.