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  • UV-resistant
  • Water repellent and glass clear



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PROTEWAX BP 527 is a poly-acrylic wax used as medium-term and crystal-clear protection against moisture and corrosion on axles, frames and chassis parts, as well as on painted undersides of classic vehicles, as well as on aluminum, chrome and galvanized surfaces, such as fuel tanks, bumpers, Steps, etc. The protective layer is UV resistant.


Application can be by aerosol or using a soft brush.  The objective is a thin coat. Thoroughly clean the parts to be coated first, then rinse with clear water.   After drying, apply PROTEWAX BP 527 using a spray gun or a soft brush or the aerosol to obtain a thin coat and allow to dry for 2 hours at low air humidity and approx. 20 ° C. PROTEWAX BP 527 does not stick and remains crystal clear. PROTEWAX BP 527 can be easily removed with the DE 26/27 or high pressure cleaner.

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Aerosol 400 ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

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