Wheel Cleaner Gel

Wheel Cleaner Gel

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FERTAN wheel cleaner GEL easily removes dirt on steel and aluminium rims as well as on plastic hub trims. The product adheres very well and does not run off and so can use all its cleaning power to detach the dirt particles. 

The product is acid-free and the cleaning materials are biodegradable, in accordance with the law on detergents and cleaners. FERTAN GEL contains anti-rust components and thus protects wheel bolts, wheel nuts, etc. The product adheres to up to 12 hours and is thus also suitable for optimally cleaning older, heavily soiled rims. To do this, clean the rim with high pressure water and evenly spray the product onto the still wet rim and, depending on the degree of soiling, let it work for several hours and then clean it again with high pressure. Only in rare cases, a second cleaning is required. FERTAN wheel cleaner GEL is the ideal vehicle cleaning assistant. Spray the product on the rims BEFORE the car wash or hand cleaning, leave to work for a short time and then wash the vehicle as normal. Of course, this product is available on request in larger containers.

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