Here is some of our frequently asked questions:

Fertan Rust Remover Concentrate is ideal for parts or objects that can easily be placed in a plastic tub for rust removal. This product is perfect for small parts, suspension pieces, nuts, bolts, clamps, brackets, and any part that you would like to remove rust and then immediately prime, paint, wax, or lightly oil to prevent further oxidation.

Fertan Rust Remover Gel is a great option for parts or objects that cannot easily be put in a bath. For example- Fertan Rust Remover Gel is perfect for brake rotor hubs. Simply spread the gel onto the rotor hub, give the product enough time to remove the rust and simply rinse off with water. Be sure to dry the part or item immediately and apply primer, paint, wax or lightly oil to prevent further oxidation.

Fertan Rust Converter is a unique product and differs in its use over Fertan Rust Remover and Fertan Rust Remover Gel. Fertan Rust Converter is ideal for collision and restoration work. Fertan Rust Converter will remove rust and then leave a black Zinc Phosphate coating that directly adheres to the metal. Fertan Rust Converter can easily be sprayed on frame rails, inside frame rails, inside door jambs, in window pillars, inside of doors, door skins, fenders, hoods, trunk lids and truck beds. Fertan Rust Converter can be sprayed anywhere you want to remove rust. Fertan Rust Converter is also ideal for steel wheels, cast iron objects, metal lawn furniture, metal fence, metal pipes, lawn mowers and tractors.

The surface should be cleaned from oil, dust and old paint etc. Knocking off any loose rust will speed the process up.

Fertan Rust Remover can be used with any clean water. Using water between 120-140 degrees F will really kick start the reaction, but it is not necessary to get the reaction going. It will merely speed it up.

The recommended ratio is 1 part Fertan Rust Remover per 10 parts water. For a faster de-rusting process this ratio can be decreased to as low as 1 part water to 1 part Fertan Rust Remover.

Depending on the amount of rust and dilution ratio, the de-rusting process can take as little as 10 minutes up to 48 hours. In most instances it is a 2-3 hour process.

You can save the mixture to be used at a later time. It is recommended that you filter or strain the mixture through a membrane (coffee filters work well) to remove any sediment. It is recommended that you store this mixture in an air tight plastic container such as an old milk jug or plastic soda bottle. DO NOT store in a metal container. If a deceleration is noticed on re-use you can add more Fertan Rust Remover to the mixture to enhance the mixtures potency.