Anti-corrosion Grease

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  • Very good long-term corrosion protection 
  • High solids content 
  • Very good long-term effect 
  • Mild pleasant smell 
  • Permanently elastic protective film 


The FERTAN anti-corrosive grease is a very special grease, which combines the positive properties of a fat with those of a wax. This special composition allows a tremendous creeping property which penetrates up to 5 cm in folds, crevices, flanges and sheet doubling even at 20 ° C.  The same composition also prevents the material from running out at temperatures above 40 ° C. 

The corrosion protection grease provides an extreme and lasting protection of the body components against corrosion and is used in new vehicle bodies, vintage cars, construction vehicles and agricultural machinery. Compatibility with existing, older, protective materials

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Aerosol, 750ml, 10 Litres