K1 Chain oil

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When you have a passionate and successful triathlete in your company’s management structure it sometime leads product development in unexpected directions.

Promoting extremely smooth running of the entire drive system.

K1 Chainoil significantly reduces the friction between the chain and the pinion, which leads to a reduction of the effort required and to very quiet running. In addition, it offers corrosion and very good wear protection. Due to the special formula, the oil gets perfectly to all parts of the chain without dripping off. Even riding in intensive rain this oil survives and offers long-lasting perfect lubrication.

This high-tech oil significantly improves the performance and durability of the drive parts and reduces the effort required.

Application: After cleaning the chain, it should be completely dry. Then apply the chain oil to the chain and drive parts in small quantities. After application, the chain should be pulled through a clean cloth.

Suitable for all parts to be lubricated, eg chain, cassette, fork, damper, Bowden cables etc..