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The FERTAN brand is synonymous with high quality and extremely effective products. We at FERTAN believe that every problem, big or small, needs to be solved. Customer satisfaction with our products and service and advice is our priority. With 38+ years of production and experience our experts can guide you through every step to solve your corrosion related problems.

Classic Car Enthusiast

FERTAN’s research and development team has put tremendous effort into developing rust removal and coating product which fit in perfectly with the high standards required for classic vehicles.


FERTAN works closely with workshops and repair shops to develop innovative products that not only solve the rust problem but prevent it in future too.


Fertan works with many industry leaders. We provide bespoke schedules of work and products to ensure that large scale projects become and remain corrosion free and well protected for the future.

Domestic Application

Fertan Rust Converter and our other products provide good solutions to problems around the home and on commercial properties. From fences to structural steel our technicians can advise you and find a solution that suits you.

Fertan provides the simple and safe way to treat and remove rust and corrosion from steel and iron.

Long term test results and many years of practical experience show the process is better than shot blasting.


Rust Converter



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