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Tapox is a two part epoxy that gives outstanding protection in the harshest conditions.



Tapox is an extremely efficient tank liner.  Originally developed to protect aluminium from pure ethanol Tapox is well able to handle all current and future fuel mixes.   Tapox is designed specifically to protect the inside of a tank from fuel and moisture. This means that other products have to be used to ensure that the tank is free of dirt and grease and corrosion before the Tapox is mixed and introduced to the tank.  An alkaline engine cleaner, Fedox and Fertan Rust Converter are the products to use.Notes on error prevention:

    Observe processing temperature (at least 18 ° C)
    Hardener and epoxy must be mixed completely
    Ensure sufficient ventilation during curing (see full instructions)

Tapox standard (285ml): Maximum Tank Volume: Motorbike 20 litres / Car 45 litres

Tapox Large (570ml): Maximum tank volume 80 litres

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Standard, Large

Thoroughly clean the tank before interior coating, then use either Fedox and Fertan Rust Converter or just Fertan Rust Converter to ensure the tank is corrosion-free.

Detailed instructions are contained in the Tapox packet and are available here.