K1 Mounting Paste

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When you have a passionate and successful triathlete in your company’s management structure it sometime leads product development in unexpected directions.

The newly developed mounting paste from Bike Care is an indispensable aid in the assembly of carbon, aluminium, titanium, and stainless steel connections.

Due to specially developed additives, the K1 assembly paste has a greatly increased coefficient of friction and thus prevents twisting and loosening of components. In addition, the required tightening torque is significantly reduced, thus minimizing the risk of damage, movement and noise

The K1 assembly paste is also resistant to splash water and provides optimum corrosion protection.

Application: seat post; Stem, handlebar, bar ends; Bottom bracket cups, pedals, cranks; screw thread

Suitable for mounting all interlocking joints between carbon, aluminium and steel, where absolute protection against twisting and loosening as well as against corrosion is required.

Application: Apply thinly and evenly to the bare contact points