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Using Sealeater is the easiest and most complete way of removing old linings from motorcycle fuel tanks.  It works by attacking the chemical bonds of tank linings and allows the complete removal of linings. This is impossible by mechanical means and unlikely with other chemicals.

Many motorcycle tanks are lined with poorly designed and poorly installed linings.  Poorly designed as they were not meant to cope with fuel containing ethanol and poorly installed as they’ve been applied to tanks with corrosion present.  Ethanol dissolves polyester based resins and carries them into the fuel system. As the lining is attacked tanks begin to leak again.

Removing the old lining is impossible manually and difficult chemically.

For many years motorcycle tanks have been lined with products with a primary purpose of resolving pin hole leaks, bad seams and general seepage.    With leaded fuel this was, if not perfect, satisfactory. With the arrival of ethanol in fuels it has become necessary to protect all tanks from being attacked by the ethanol component itself and the water that it brings into the tank.  Ethanol fuel is allowed to be 2% water and it is also hydroscopic, encouraging atmospheric water to join with it. Ethanol itself attacks aluminium and rubber like compounds. All in all, a joy.

Sealeater is a very volatile and energetic compound.  If it is being used in a painted tank then care must be taken to avoid Sealeater or its vapours coming into contact with the outside of the tank.

Sealeater is a hazardous compound.  There are warnings on the bottle that you should read and obey.  

Sealeater contains chemical components that cans only to be used for the removal of old tank linings.  Its use for any other purpose is banned in the EU.